Intentional Leadership.

CoreX25 is a framework designed to help leaders become more intentional in building a high performance team.


People make
the difference.

By engaging the right people and tapping into their collective knowledge, talent and various perspectives, you are practicing “Smart & Healthy” communication. Team members will build trust and respect for each other as they become more positive, productive, profitable and purposeful in how they do business. This engaged team will discover better practices, find innovative solutions, identify Key Performance Indicators to track progress and create intentional excellence.

Framing each conversation with a simple four square outline provides focus and structure for guiding team discussions.

More About Our Framework

“Free Service Tire has a century long history of growth and continual improvement.  The CoreX25 system guides our executive team in the process of creating intentional excellence.”

Lewis Wexler, Jr.
President, Free Service Tire Company