Smart & Healthy

“The health of an organization is the multiplier of its intelligence.” – Patrick Lencioni


Mission, Vision & Values

What compelling stories can you tell that capture the essence of your Mission, Vision and Values as a company?

Smart Skills

What Smart Skills do you need to require of each team member in order to perform at a world-class level?

Healthy Skills

What Healthy Skills do you need to develop in order to function with top efficiency and effectiveness as a team?

Future Opportunities

What Future Opportunities do you create (the company and the individual) if you are intentional about developing your Smart Skills and Healthy Skills in a way that aligns with your Mission, Vision and Values?


“Free Service Tire has a century long history of growth and continual improvement.  The CoreX25 system guides our executive team in the process of creating intentional excellence.”

Lewis Wexler, Jr.
President, Free Service Tire Company